World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

A conceptual framework explaining 'professional preparedness' among fresh health professional graduates - a Critical Interpretive Synthesis of literature
Malu Mohan
A New Approach to Global Inter-Disciplinary Public Health Education
Gerald McKinley
Collective Assistance and Public Health Professional Education: Possibilities For Primary Health Care
Circe Jandrey
Dental public health capacity worldwide: Results of a global survey
Marta Lomazzi
Developing a professional society for health impact assessment: challenges and success
Katie Hirono
Establishing A Community Of Practice: Practical Applications For Public Health Graduates
Anne Polley
Initiatives to Foster Early Engagement in the Next Generation of the Public Health Workforce
Tishya Parikh
Interprofessional Education In The Training Of Health Professionals In Brazil:Potential For Teamwork
Circe Jandrey
Management Of Childhood Diarrhea And Pneumonia Amongst Public And Private Frontline Workers: Assessing Know-Do Gap
Ashutosh Mishra
Maternal and Child Health Nurses Contributions to the Health and Wellbeing of Families in Victoria
Creina Mitchell
McMaster University's new Master of Public Health Program: Use of PebblePad for the Learning Plan and Portfolio
Fran (Elizabeth Anne) Scott
Mentorship Model Is The New Black! Shaping Success And Leadership In Public Health.
Anne Polley
Non-Traditional Placement Learning in Public Policy and Health: Lessons from Northeast England
Sharyn Maxwell
Public Health cadre development, using competency based approach in the State Health system, Odisha, India
David Allen
Public Health Leadership: Engaging With Local Government To Influence Healthy Food And Beverage Environments.
Holly Hearsey
Teaching biostatistics in the 21st century: engaging and supporting online students in developing quantitative skills
Chris Stevenson
The development and growth of multi-disciplinary public health in the UK -lessons for replication.
David Allen