World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

A Complex Systems Approach to Prevention in the South East Region of Victoria
Trish Plompen
Chinese children's poor eyesight and the traditional preventive regimen of daily exercises using acupressure.
Sara Monajem
Exploration of Causes of Preventable and Actionable Under Five Deaths In Resource Poor Setting
Pramod Sah
Happiness prevents mortality, but only in those with chronic disease: A population-based study of older persons.
Rosanne Freak-Poli
Preventing violence: a role for public health for local to global
John Middleton
Systematic Review - Effective Prevention Strategies to Reduce Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in Intravenous Drug Users in the United States
Cheryl Nelson Theuninck & Melanee Tiura