World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

A recipe for developing culturally responsive family wellbeing resources
Anna Marie Thorpe
A Study Of Educated Migrant Employees With Focus On Their Mental Health Profile And Level Of Job Satisfaction
Uday Shankar Singh
Barriers And Motivators To Utilising A Nutrition Specific Online Community Of Practice Among Early Years' Educators
Ruth Wallace
Beliefs of thinness and its influences on body image and weight control methods - an internet survey study
Wen-Chi Wu
Community participation in preventing teenage pregnancy in Tshwane, South Africa.
Todd Maja
Creating A WAVE: Shaping Healthier Futures For Children And Young People In South Canterbury NZ
Rose Orr
Creating health-promoting environments in preschool communities: local implementation of the Smiles 4 Miles Oral Health Promotion Program
Angela Robinson & Fiona Gallagher
Determinants of Nutrition and Food systems (N&FS) Knowledge among School-leavers. Views of Experts from Australia and Iran.
Sanaz Sadegholvad
Development and Validation of the Nutrition Literacy Test for Taiwan College Students
Li-Ling Liao
Does Sticky Stuff Stick? Long Term Behaviour Change from Capacity Building Training
Rochelle Avasalu
Don't Drink and Drown; embracing peer education and deterrence activities
Lauren Nimmo
Effectiveness of an Alternative Medicine Program
Pimnaphat Thapthim
Future-proofing public health: the example of megatrends reporting for mental health promotion in Victoria, Australia.
Irene Verins
Hugo the Health Champ Hound- Health Champions Latrobe Mascot
Stacey Podmore
Christal Houghton & Rebecca Murray
Intervention Program to Promote Healthy Eating & Physical Activity among Palestinian Female Schoolchildren
Keren Greenberg
Nutrition-based healthy lifestyle pilot program for female hospital employees
Keren Greenberg
Promoting Oral Health through Social Responsibility and Leadership by the International Federation of Dental Hygienists
Robyn Watson
Quality Evaluation of Prenatal Care Provided to Pregnant Women of National Health System
Bruna Ligia Ferreira De Almeida Barbosa
Superhero Foods - Catering for kids in regional and remote schools
Jennifer Tartaglia
Taking the Public Pulse for Health Promotion
Suzzanne Owen
The Approach Of Tinnitus Patients In Primary Care: Perspective Of Health Professionals
Carla Chamouton
The Failure of Innocenti
Susanna Scurry
The Group As A Strategy In The Primary Health Care Of Tinnitus Patients
Carla Chamouton
The quality of secondary evidence on effectiveness of health promotion interventions targeting quality of life as an outcome addressed to elderly persons
Mariusz Duplaga
Tools for Teen Moms: An Intervention to Reduce Infant Obesity
Mildred Horodynski
Use Of Cosmetics And Health-Risk Perception By French Pregnant Women
Marie-Pierre Sauvant-Rochat
Using a monetary incentive to encourage schools to deliver comprehensive relationships and sexuality education
Selena Gillham & Anna Roberts
Using Autoethnography and Performance Ethnography in Public Health Promotion
Julie Peters
Working with Faith-based Organisations for Global Health: a closer look in the context of Timor Leste
Stephanie Wrightman