World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

Australians Abroad: Are We 'Smart Travellers'?
Chloe Thomson
Belief about tuberculosis and decision of adherence to the preventive treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) among contacts of confirmed tuberculosis: a qualitative study in Taiwan
Wen-Chi Wu
Controlling of Malaria upsurge in Bangladesh: BRAC's experience
Mohammad Moktadir Kabir
Immunogenicity And Safety Of Inactivated Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine In Adults: A Meta-analysis Of RCTs
Aye Moa
Investigating the public health risks associated with the handling practices of Australian raw milk consumers
Roselyn Leclair
Knowledge and Practices of Index Cases on Prevention of Secondary Transmission: A Study on HIV Sero discordant Couples in Varanasi ,India
Sangeeta Kansal
Outcomes Of School Contact Screenings For Tuberculosis, Western Sydney Region,2005-2014
Erin Griffiths
Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in Gold Coast Fitness Centres
Satyamurthy Anuradha
Socioeconomic & Behavioral Risk Factors For Infection Of Visceral Leishmaniasis Gedaref State - Sudan 2015
Adam Suliman Abaker
Socioeconomic Disparities In Existence Of Multimorbidity Among Middle And Old Age Individual
Dhanwanti Dileep
The effectiveness of cholera vaccination as a reactive measure to cholera epidemics worldwide: A quantitative systematic review
Patricia Schwerdtle
Tuberculosis in the Elderly in Brazil: A Population-Based Study
Bruna Ligia Ferreira De Almeida Barbosa
Vanquishing the enemy: the narrative and imagery in vaccination promotion messages in Australian women's magazines
Kathryn Weston