World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

A recipe for developing culturally responsive family wellbeing resources
Anna Marie Thorpe
A Study Of Educated Migrant Employees With Focus On Their Mental Health Profile And Level Of Job Satisfaction
Uday Shankar Singh
Barriers And Motivators To Utilising A Nutrition Specific Online Community Of Practice Among Early Years' Educators
Ruth Wallace
Community Volunteering: Understanding Motivation, Sustaining Participation, Capturing Benefits
Elizabeth Shannon
Does Sticky Stuff Stick? Long Term Behaviour Change from Capacity Building Training
Rochelle Avasalu
Effectiveness of an Alternative Medicine Program
Pimnaphat Thapthim
Future-proofing public health: the example of megatrends reporting for mental health promotion in Victoria, Australia.
Irene Verins
Superhero Foods - Catering for kids in regional and remote schools
Jennifer Tartaglia
The Failure of Innocenti
Susanna Scurry