World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

Building Bridges and Knocking Down Walls - The Role of the NSW Youth Homelessness Peak in Health Outcomes
Colin Stokes
Building on Common Ground for Collective Impact - Action Research
Ruth Teasdale
Contingency Management To Affect Social Determinants Of Health And Treatment Of Substance Use Disorders
Abigail Yang
Expert views on responding to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies of the Big Food's Industry: public relations or public good
Zoe Richards
Nutrition Labelling is a Trade Policy Issue: Lessons From an Analysis of Specific Trade Concerns at the World Trade Organization
Anne Marie Thow
Plugging the gap - surveillance of hazardous substances-related morbidity in primary care in New Zealand
Deborah Read
The effect of cushioning materials on discomfort during prolonged standing at work - a systematic review
Gosia Speed
The Feasibility of Community Pharmacies for Bowel and Breast Cancer Screening.
Margo Sendall
The More Doctors Program: Challenges to Overcome Inequities of Public Health System in Brazil
Mirian Yamaguchi
Why Make Healthy Normal? Developing and testing an obesity reduction campaign concept
John Vineburg