World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

2016 Edith Cowan University food and beverage audits
Jessica Howard
A Review of Population-level Actions Targeting Reductions in Food Portion Sizes to Address Obesity and Related Non-Communicable Diseases
Michelle Crino
Balanced plate for mothers to improve birthweight: a cluster randomised controlled trial in rural Bangladesh
Morseda Chowdhury
Food&Me: building teacher capacity to deliver nutrition education to ACT primary school students
Nicole Coyles
Nutritional Potential Of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) And Lima Bean (Phaseoulus lunatus) As Alternative Protein Sources And Their Effects On Weight Gain Of Sprague-Dawley Rats
The awareness and understanding of sugar-related nutrition among Australian consumers
Ingy Shafei
Use, Acceptability and Adherence to Multiple Micronutrient Powder (MNP) among Young Amazonian Children
Cristieli Oliveira