World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

Aiding patient adherence to physiotherapist-prescribed self-management strategies: An evidence-based behavioural model.
Kerry Peek
Associations between behavioural risk factors and overweight and obesity among adults in population-based samples from 31 countries
Supa Pengpid
Changes in smoking behaviour among physicians in Estonia in 1982-2014
Kersti Pärna
Marijuana use and association with chronic diseases and health-related quality of life in Guam.
Helene Le Mouellic Paulino
Relationship Between Depressive Disorder And Adherence To Anti-Tuberculosis Therapy
The role of alcohol related facial flushing response on the relationship between risk of hyperuricemia and alcohol consumption
User Experiences Of Sit Stand Workstations: A Qualitative Study.
Tessa Keegel