World Congress on Public Health 2017 Digital Posters

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Burden of disease
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Communicable diseases
Communities and environments
Equity in Health
Food and nutrition
Health Behaviours
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Health systems
Healthy Ageing
Influencing health
Maternal health
Non-communicable Dieseases
Research Methods
Strengthening Public Health Workforce
'Active Ageing' exists in Residential Care
Vicki Kanakaris
'It starts with us' Yhunger training in food and physical activity for Sydney youth workers
Anna Klinken Whelan & Colin Stokes
2016 Edith Cowan University food and beverage audits
Jessica Howard
A 'light bulb moment' in understanding public health: Evaluation of the 'This is Public Health' photo essay and reflective task by undergraduate students
Erica James
A Complex Systems Approach to Prevention in the South East Region of Victoria
Trish Plompen
A conceptual framework explaining 'professional preparedness' among fresh health professional graduates - a Critical Interpretive Synthesis of literature
Malu Mohan
A New Approach to Global Inter-Disciplinary Public Health Education
Gerald McKinley
A randomized study of managing obesity among adolescents by combining school with household intervention
Michele Ribeiro Sgambato
A recipe for developing culturally responsive family wellbeing resources
Anna Marie Thorpe
A Repeated Cross-sectional Study of Prevalence and Associated Factors of Low Back Pain in Pregnants
Joao Bernardes
A Review of Population-level Actions Targeting Reductions in Food Portion Sizes to Address Obesity and Related Non-Communicable Diseases
Michelle Crino
A Study Of Educated Migrant Employees With Focus On Their Mental Health Profile And Level Of Job Satisfaction
Uday Shankar Singh
A systematic review of interventions to manage cardiovascular disease risk factors in people with severe mental illnesses
Ella Zomer
A Systematics Review of Ergonomic Questionnaires for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Office Workers.
Pimporn Kluay-On
Access to sexual and reproductive health care services in rural and remote South Australia: Service providers views
Wendy Abigail
Achieving Total And HDL Cholesterol Targets Is Associated With Socioeconomic Disadvantage In Older Diabetic Persons
Kathryn Weston
Acute Impact of Hourly Ambient Air Pollution on Preterm Birth
Shanshan Li
Addressing The Impacts of Gender and Place: Improving Health Outcomes for Women in Rural and Regional Australia Through Improved Access to Evidence-Based Health Information.
Nicole Shilo
Advancing a framework for Smoke-free University - the Edith Cowan University way.
Jill Darby
Aiding patient adherence to physiotherapist-prescribed self-management strategies: An evidence-based behavioural model.
Kerry Peek
Albinism in Fiji- An Important Problem Steps Out Of The Shadows.
Lisa Maude
Audrone Barkauskiene
Alcohol use during aquatic activities; perspectives from Western Australian School Leavers
Stephanie Enkel
Alcohol use during pregnancy among women receiving prenatal care in Guam
Helene Le Mouellic Paulino
Analytical Study on Japanese Health Education Textbooks for Senior High School Students on Stress Issue
Suketaka Iwanaga
Asbestos-related diseases - the need for more surveillance and action
Peter Tighe
Association between personality traits and burnout of dietitians in Taiwan
Li-Ling Liao
Association between vitamin D status and cardio-metabolic risk factors among Saudi adults with and without coronary heart disease
Najlaa Aljefree
Associations between behavioural risk factors and overweight and obesity among adults in population-based samples from 31 countries
Supa Pengpid
Australians Abroad: Are We 'Smart Travellers'?
Chloe Thomson
Balanced plate for mothers to improve birthweight: a cluster randomised controlled trial in rural Bangladesh
Morseda Chowdhury
Barriers And Motivators To Utilising A Nutrition Specific Online Community Of Practice Among Early Years' Educators
Ruth Wallace
Belief about tuberculosis and decision of adherence to the preventive treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) among contacts of confirmed tuberculosis: a qualitative study in Taiwan
Wen-Chi Wu
Beliefs of thinness and its influences on body image and weight control methods - an internet survey study
Wen-Chi Wu
Beyond and Between Ecohealth and One health
Peter W Tait
Beyond counting stillbirths to understanding their determinants in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic assessment of stillbirth data availability in household surveys
Aliki Christou
Bringing depth to the complexity of health - Complex Systems Approach to Health Promotion
Trish Plompen
Building Bridges and Knocking Down Walls - The Role of the NSW Youth Homelessness Peak in Health Outcomes
Colin Stokes
Building on Common Ground for Collective Impact - Action Research
Ruth Teasdale
Building Socially Inclusive Communities
Christine Walters
Burden of anaemia in upper GI bleeding in a secondary care hospital
Neeraj Bhala
Neeraj Bhala
Changes in smoking behaviour among physicians in Estonia in 1982-2014
Kersti Pärna
Chinese children's poor eyesight and the traditional preventive regimen of daily exercises using acupressure.
Sara Monajem
Client satisfaction in public health facilities: A cross sectional study from Punjab, India
Manmeet Kaur
Co-design in the context of Collaborative Clinical Pathway development
Sharon Duff
Coding Of Health Data - Implications For Quality Of Care And Allocation Of Resources
Michael Hart
Collective Assistance and Public Health Professional Education: Possibilities For Primary Health Care
Circe Jandrey
Communicate To Vaccinate Project: Building Evidence For The Implementation And Evaluation Of Childhood Vaccination Communication
Jessica Kaufman
Community participation in preventing teenage pregnancy in Tshwane, South Africa.
Todd Maja
Community Volunteering: Understanding Motivation, Sustaining Participation, Capturing Benefits
Elizabeth Shannon
Comparison Of Memory Score Between Type 2 Diabetics And Non-diabetics
Jayakumar Jeganathan
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in People Living with Dementia from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities
Josephine Agu
Compulsive pornographic consumption and problematic usage among young people
Angela Davis
Considering Gambling Involvement in the Understanding of Problem Gambling: A large Cross-sectional Study of an Australian Population
Kristal Yeung
Contingency Management To Affect Social Determinants Of Health And Treatment Of Substance Use Disorders
Abigail Yang
Contribution of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Vascular Risk Factors to the Burden of Dementia in Australia
Vanessa Prescott
Controlling of Malaria upsurge in Bangladesh: BRAC's experience
Mohammad Moktadir Kabir
Cost of Endometriosis-associated Symptoms Persist Over Time: A Retrospective France Study
Creating A WAVE: Shaping Healthier Futures For Children And Young People In South Canterbury NZ
Rose Orr
Creating health-promoting environments in preschool communities: local implementation of the Smiles 4 Miles Oral Health Promotion Program
Angela Robinson & Fiona Gallagher
Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Test-Retest Reliability of the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND) Among Thai Smokers
Thaniya Klinsophon
Demographics and health conditions of indigenous Pataxo women of 14-49.9 years old, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Teresa Castro
Dental public health capacity worldwide: Results of a global survey
Marta Lomazzi
Determinants of morbidity associated with infant male circumcision; community level population-based study in rural Ghana
Thomas Gyan
Determinants of Nutrition and Food systems (N&FS) Knowledge among School-leavers. Views of Experts from Australia and Iran.
Sanaz Sadegholvad
Developing a professional society for health impact assessment: challenges and success
Katie Hirono
Developing an Otitis Media Programme in Fiji: Is it indicated and feasible?
Elizabeth Holt
Developing Web Services for Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM)
Christian Pulmano
Development And Validation Of The Conversational Health Literacy Assessment Tool (CHAT)
Melanie Hawkins
Development and Validation of the Nutrition Literacy Test for Taiwan College Students
Li-Ling Liao
Diabetes in Pregnancy and Childhood Cognitive Development: A Systematic Review
Akilew Adane
Diabetes Risk Profile By Using Indian Diabetes Risk Score Among Urban Population Of Ludhiana, India
Sangeeta Girdhar
Differences in associations between socioeconomic status and oral health by marital and employment status among Japanese women
Keiko Murakami
Disentangling regional trade agreements, trade flows and tobacco affordability in Sub-Saharan Africa
Raphael Lencucha
Does Sticky Stuff Stick? Long Term Behaviour Change from Capacity Building Training
Rochelle Avasalu
Don't Drink and Drown; embracing peer education and deterrence activities
Lauren Nimmo
During early [implementation] you just muddle through: Clarifying factors that impacted scale-up of a Centers for Disease Control-funded arthritis program
Katie Conte
Early Life Behavioural Interventions Delivered by Health Professionals to Prevent Overweight/Obesity: What Works, and Why?
Marita Hennessy
EARTHQUAKE in NEPAL: Need for rapid scale up of Chlorhexidine for cord care
Penelope (PENNY) Dawson
Economic Evaluation of a School-Based Intervention to Improve Academic Outcomes: Memory Maestros Randomised Controlled Trial
Lisa Gold
Effectiveness of an Alternative Medicine Program
Pimnaphat Thapthim
Engaging the public in nutrition: extending reach and influence
Tracy McCaffrey
Enhancing Knowledge Creation In Participatory Health Research In Swaziland- Synthesising Participant Observation And Participatory Methods
Michelle Brear
Establishing A Community Of Practice: Practical Applications For Public Health Graduates
Anne Polley
Estimating The Total Incidence Of End-Stage Kidney Disease In Australia
Thao Vu
Evaluating Books on Prescription: a community-based programme to increase access to healthcare.
Sophie Carty
Expanding Family Planning Services to Post-partum Women
Rajni Wadhwa
Expert views on responding to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies of the Big Food's Industry: public relations or public good
Zoe Richards
Exploration of Causes of Preventable and Actionable Under Five Deaths In Resource Poor Setting
Pramod Sah
Exploration of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Within The Russian Federation
Majella Vito
Factors Associated with Being Overweight or Obese in Children Aged 5 - 17 in Victoria, Australia
Karen Wynter
Five Senses in Action (Reminiscence Theory Unpacked)
Vicki Kanakaris
Flint Michigan Water Crisis Demonstrates Need For Improved Water Testing To Support A Water Quality Index.(WQI).
Zigmond Kozicki
Food&Me: building teacher capacity to deliver nutrition education to ACT primary school students
Nicole Coyles
Fortified Flours are the Major Food Source of Folate in a Population of Reproductive Age Women: the ProcriAr Cohort Study in Brazil
Juliana Teixeira
From Fragmentation to Integration - the Canterbury Way
Vivien Daley & Matthew Reid
Future-proofing public health: the example of megatrends reporting for mental health promotion in Victoria, Australia.
Irene Verins
Garden To Plate
Lucy Butcher & Nicole Ingram
Gender differences in the physical exercise trajectories and related factors from elementary school to college - a thirteen-year follow-up study
Wen-Chi Wu
Happiness prevents mortality, but only in those with chronic disease: A population-based study of older persons.
Rosanne Freak-Poli
Shirley Pereira De Almeida
Health Inequalities in China
Health Insurance Membership and Utilization of Selected Households in a Lake Sub-Watershed Area in the Philippines
Amiel Nazer Bermudez
Health Promoting Gymnastics Clubs Program In Wollongong, New South Wales (NSW)
Amy Carrad
Health Status Of Middle Aged Rural Women: A Community Based Study
Priya Bansal
Healthcare System in Papua New Guinea  - What Can We Contribute Next
Healthy people need a healthy environment : the Costa Rican experience
Marcela Gutierrez
Healthy Towns, Happy People
Pattie Hudson & Jane Taylor
Helping Carers Care: Supporting carers now and in the future
Amy Heath
Housing seniors in the community: Japanese struggle toward better ageing
Satoshi Kose
How can we reduce hemodialysis patients in Japan?
Hugo the Health Champ Hound- Health Champions Latrobe Mascot
Stacey Podmore
Identification Of Dietary Patterns Associated With Blood Pressure In A Sample Of Overweight Australian Adults
Shirin Anil
Christal Houghton & Rebecca Murray
Immunogenicity And Safety Of Inactivated Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine In Adults: A Meta-analysis Of RCTs
Aye Moa
Implementing a Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Challenge to Address Sugar Consumption
Jaycee Sabapathy
Implications of tobacco taxation on people living with severe mental illness and nicotine dependence
Raphael Lencucha
Initiatives to Foster Early Engagement in the Next Generation of the Public Health Workforce
Tishya Parikh
Integration of Public Health & Health Care Governance, Is It Working For Public Health
Catherine Donovan
Intention To Leave The Workplace Among Personnel In Rajavithi Hospital
Wannakorn Homsuwan
Inter generational Living Arrangements and Health Status of the Elderly among Tribal's Community in Rural Northern India
Alok Kumar
International bench-marking of Asian health outcomes for Auckland DHBs in New Zealand
Lifeng Zhou & Samantha Bennett
Interprofessional Education In The Training Of Health Professionals In Brazil:Potential For Teamwork
Circe Jandrey
Intervention Program to Promote Healthy Eating & Physical Activity among Palestinian Female Schoolchildren
Keren Greenberg
Investigating Health Related Identity Transformations
Shelagh Ferguson
Investigating the public health risks associated with the handling practices of Australian raw milk consumers
Roselyn Leclair
Knowledge and Practices of Index Cases on Prevention of Secondary Transmission: A Study on HIV Sero discordant Couples in Varanasi ,India
Sangeeta Kansal
Knowledge Of Dietary Habit And Behavior Related Determinants Of Non Communicable Disease In Women Of Urban Setting Of Eastern Nepal
Dharanidhar Baral
Knowledge of Health Effects and Attitudes toward use of Firewood Cooking Stove Among Women in Samaru Community
Jimoh Ibrahim
Let's meet at Cafe 94
Vicki Kanakaris
Audrone Barkauskiene
Audrone Barkauskiene
Local and Health Resources: Tools for Decision Support and Planning from a Meta-analysis
Louise Potvin
Look at us Go!: Do augmented reality games provide a new setting for improving health behaviours and equity?
Daisy Brundell
Make The Link - A social marketing campaign to prevent men's violence against women
Andrea Hall
Shirley Pereira De Almeida
Management Of Childhood Diarrhea And Pneumonia Amongst Public And Private Frontline Workers: Assessing Know-Do Gap
Ashutosh Mishra
Māori Language in Health Interactions
Shirley Simmonds
Marijuana use and association with chronic diseases and health-related quality of life in Guam.
Helene Le Mouellic Paulino
Maternal and Child Health Nurses Contributions to the Health and Wellbeing of Families in Victoria
Creina Mitchell
McMaster University's new Master of Public Health Program: Use of PebblePad for the Learning Plan and Portfolio
Fran (Elizabeth Anne) Scott
Measurements of Reproductive Health Indicators in Ethiopia, a mixed method design
Mulu Abraha Woldegiorgis
Measuring repeat coronary revascularisation procedures in NSW using linked hospital data.
Rhydwyn McGuire
Measuring resilience, connection, cohesion and wellbeing: a new framework
Irene Verins
Mediating Effect of Communication on Smartphone Addiction of Youth and Mental Health of Middle-Aged Women
Menace of Use of Aphrodisiacs in Ghana: Conclusions and Recommendations of Scientific Workshop
George Amofah
Mentorship Model Is The New Black! Shaping Success And Leadership In Public Health.
Anne Polley
Monitoring cardiac surgical performance and patient outcomes - the ANZSCTS Database Program
Christopher Reid & Nupur Nag
Montessori and Living my Cultural Self
Vicki Kanakaris
Multidimensional Comprehensive Framework: Health Descentralization
Marta Cecilia Jaramillo-Mejia
Narrowing The Health Divide, mHealth Adoption For The Self-management Of Type 2 Diabetes.
Morris Carpenter
Non-Traditional Placement Learning in Public Policy and Health: Lessons from Northeast England
Sharyn Maxwell
NSW Public Health Association Impact Award: Recognising and learning from people who made an impact in public health (1997 to 2016)
Jude Page
Nutrition Labelling is a Trade Policy Issue: Lessons From an Analysis of Specific Trade Concerns at the World Trade Organization
Anne Marie Thow
Nutrition-based healthy lifestyle pilot program for female hospital employees
Keren Greenberg
Nutritional Potential Of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) And Lima Bean (Phaseoulus lunatus) As Alternative Protein Sources And Their Effects On Weight Gain Of Sprague-Dawley Rats
Obesity - a key risk factor for diabetes among government employees.
Rajendra Gadhavi
Obesity among Female Migrants in United Arab Emirates by Duration of Residence
Syed Shah
Obesity, Weight Gain and Subsequent Diagnosis-Specific Sickness Absence: A Follow-Up Among Midlife Employees
Anna Svärd
One-Step Ahead
Jennifer Andrews
Opportunities for Screening of Unborn Babies: The Problems Related to Prenatal Diagnosis in Japan
Miyako Kimura
Organisational barriers to food literacy in the charitable food sector in ACT and WA
Ros Sambell
Our3021 Co-managed Place-making
Helen Scudamore
Outcomes Of School Contact Screenings For Tuberculosis, Western Sydney Region,2005-2014
Erin Griffiths
Panama: Chronologic Review Of Landmark Projects And Social Determinants Of Health
Claude Betts & Lizbeth Benitez
Past, present and future ElectroHyperSensitivity: History, definition and proposed diagnostic criteria
Mary Redmayne
Pattern And Determinants Of Birth Weight In Rural North India
Anurag Chaudhary
Perceived social support, loneliness and depression among older people living in residential care homes.
Kwan Foong Chee
Performance of the Achutha Menon Centre Diabetes Risk Score in predicting prevalent diabetes in Tamil Nadu, India
Anu Mary Oommen
Picture Perfect? Gazing into Girls' Health, Physical Activity, and Nutrition Through Photovoice
Rebecca Spencer
Plugging the gap - surveillance of hazardous substances-related morbidity in primary care in New Zealand
Deborah Read
Population and Perish
Peter Trebilco
Post-Abortion Access to Contraception and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Information: A case study from Nepal
Claire Rogers
Potential Determinants of Medical Specialist Allocation in a Private Hospital Network in Thailand: A Modified Delphi Study
Nantana Suppapitnarm
Predictors of Adhesion to Antihypertensive Treatment
Mirian Yamaguchi
Predictors of Lost to Follow Up among HIV Positive Clients Attending Anti-Retroviral Therapy Treatment Centres in Nigeria.
Folajinmi Oluwasina
Predictors of Onset of Substance Use among Youth Students in Rural Varanasi,India
Shubhangi Priyadarshini
Prevalence Of Diabetic Retinopathy In The Secondary Hospital Screening Program In South India
Smitha Jasper
Prevalence Of Homelessness Among People Who Inject Drugs At The Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre
Ricardo Schwanz
Katy Bell
Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in Gold Coast Fitness Centres
Satyamurthy Anuradha
Preventing Non-communicable Diseases in Primary Care: Current Dietary Interventions and a Mediterranean Diet Tool
Leah Watts
Preventing violence: a role for public health for local to global
John Middleton
Prolonged vs average hospital length of stay in a tertiary referral hospital in Mexico
Braulio Marfil
Promoting Oral Health through Social Responsibility and Leadership by the International Federation of Dental Hygienists
Robyn Watson
Public Health cadre development, using competency based approach in the State Health system, Odisha, India
David Allen
Public Health Leadership: Engaging With Local Government To Influence Healthy Food And Beverage Environments.
Holly Hearsey
Quality Evaluation of Prenatal Care Provided to Pregnant Women of National Health System
Bruna Ligia Ferreira De Almeida Barbosa
Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network - influencing child and youth health through collaboration
Kate Weller
Rana Plaza Collapse: A Case Study of the Devastating Health Impact of Limited Disaster Preparedness
Tony Ka-Chun Yung
Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Australia and Korea
Hyo Young Lee & Stephanie Short
Reducing the Inequalities in Health Resource Allocation and Access to Health Care in China
Regional Inequalities in Motorcycle helmet use in Taiwan.
Ying-Wei Wang
Regulatory and structural factors impacting upon the provision of maternity care by complementary medicine practitioners in Australia
Amie Steel
Relationship Between Depressive Disorder And Adherence To Anti-Tuberculosis Therapy
Risk Factors for Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor (ACEi)-Associated Cough in an Immigrant Filipino Population
Nevio Cimolai
Role of Statistics in Health Sciences
SrinivasaRao SubramanyaRao
Screening for Diabetes: Results from a Large Ongoing Community Based Screening Programme in India
Nikhil Srinivasapura Venkateshmurthy
Rabia Baloch
Audrone Barkauskiene
Social Housing in New Zealand - the oft forgotten variable 'tenant participation'
Ashley Burrowes
Socioeconomic & Behavioral Risk Factors For Infection Of Visceral Leishmaniasis Gedaref State - Sudan 2015
Adam Suliman Abaker
Socioeconomic Disparities In Existence Of Multimorbidity Among Middle And Old Age Individual
Dhanwanti Dileep
Some Issues Related to Health of Elderly People among Tribes in Rural Northern India
Manish Kumar
Wataru Onoguchi
Statin use among high risk groups in Tamil Nadu, south India: a population based study
Anu Mary Oommen
Strengthening Child Health Services in Rural Uttar Pradesh, India: Mapping, Monitoring and Ongoing Supportive Supervision.
Lorine Pelly
Students from Refugee Backgrounds: Transitioning from Intensive English Centres to Higher Education in Western Australia
Jaya Dantas & Shelley Gower
Study on knowledge and practices regarding reproductive health among college adolescent girls in Urban Udupi Taluk, Karnataka, India.
Monica Rana
Superhero Foods - Catering for kids in regional and remote schools
Jennifer Tartaglia
Surveillance, Control, And Prevention Systems And Community Engagement Process Of Hypertension In Singburi,Thailand
Vichai Tienthavorn
Sustain gains, invest in an exit strategy: The experience of a public health program in Papua New Guinea
Fiona Mactaggart
Systematic Review - Effective Prevention Strategies to Reduce Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in Intravenous Drug Users in the United States
Cheryl Nelson Theuninck & Melanee Tiura
Taking the Public Pulse for Health Promotion
Suzzanne Owen
Teaching biostatistics in the 21st century: engaging and supporting online students in developing quantitative skills
Chris Stevenson
Telemedicine solution for remote areas let the evidence speak for itself.
Andrew Mathieson
The applicability of therapeutic support and place attachment on subjective well-being among health club users
The Approach Of Tinnitus Patients In Primary Care: Perspective Of Health Professionals
Carla Chamouton
The awareness and understanding of sugar-related nutrition among Australian consumers
Ingy Shafei
The development and growth of multi-disciplinary public health in the UK -lessons for replication.
David Allen
The Differences and Determinants on MMR in Sub-Saharan African Countries
Maria Gonzalez
The effect of cushioning materials on discomfort during prolonged standing at work - a systematic review
Gosia Speed
The effectiveness of cholera vaccination as a reactive measure to cholera epidemics worldwide: A quantitative systematic review
Patricia Schwerdtle
The Effects Of Statins On Physical Activity And Body Composition Among Adults: A Systematic Review
Natalie Nana
The Failure of Innocenti
Susanna Scurry
The Feasibility of Community Pharmacies for Bowel and Breast Cancer Screening.
Margo Sendall
The General Practice Receptionist: Talking about health inequities
Rowan Manhire-Heath
The Group As A Strategy In The Primary Health Care Of Tinnitus Patients
Carla Chamouton
The history of the social determinants of health through the lens of the Canadian Public Health Association, 1910-2010
Kelsey Lucyk
The impact of Internet use on health-related behaviours and wellbeing of older adults and elderly with disability.
Mariusz Duplaga
The impact of physical and psychosocial demands when considering self-reported physical consequences: Understanding the effects of age and gender.
Tessa Keegel
The More Doctors Program: Challenges to Overcome Inequities of Public Health System in Brazil
Mirian Yamaguchi
The prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in university music students compared with non-music students: preliminary findings
Jessica Stanhope
The primary care, public health and health promotion practices of complementary healthcare providers in Australia
Jon Wardle
The quality of secondary evidence on effectiveness of health promotion interventions targeting quality of life as an outcome addressed to elderly persons
Mariusz Duplaga
The role of alcohol related facial flushing response on the relationship between risk of hyperuricemia and alcohol consumption
Tools for Teen Moms: An Intervention to Reduce Infant Obesity
Mildred Horodynski
Tuberculosis in the Elderly in Brazil: A Population-Based Study
Bruna Ligia Ferreira De Almeida Barbosa
Use Of Cosmetics And Health-Risk Perception By French Pregnant Women
Marie-Pierre Sauvant-Rochat
Use of mobile phones for program monitoring at community-level: Nepal's Chlorhexidine Cord Care Program Experience
Penelope (PENNY) Dawson
Use, Acceptability and Adherence to Multiple Micronutrient Powder (MNP) among Young Amazonian Children
Cristieli Oliveira
User Experiences Of Sit Stand Workstations: A Qualitative Study.
Tessa Keegel
Users' absenteeism to health services : an access' dimensions analysis
Flavio Tristão
Using a monetary incentive to encourage schools to deliver comprehensive relationships and sexuality education
Selena Gillham & Anna Roberts
Using Autoethnography and Performance Ethnography in Public Health Promotion
Julie Peters
Using social network analysis to measure intersectoral collaboration in the mental health system in Timor-Leste: a protocol paper
Teresa Hall
Using video conference technology to bridge the food literacy divide in regional and remote Western Australia.
Lucy Butcher & Vanessa Bobongie
Vanquishing the enemy: the narrative and imagery in vaccination promotion messages in Australian women's magazines
Kathryn Weston
Victorian Women's Health Atlas
Emma Dardick
Vitamin D injection for Elderly patients and postpartum patients
Dipankar Chakraborty
What Will Healthcare Look Like In A Carbon-constrained World?
Kate Charlesworth
Why Make Healthy Normal? Developing and testing an obesity reduction campaign concept
John Vineburg
Working in rural area: a qualitative study among doctors of Manipur, India
Brogen Singh Akoijam
Working with Faith-based Organisations for Global Health: a closer look in the context of Timor Leste
Stephanie Wrightman
Youth participation and active engagement in community based psychiatric services
Dileep Kumar