Future-proofing public health: the example of megatrends reporting for mental health promotion in Victoria, Australia.

As an innovator in health promotion, VicHealth builds new partnerships and processes for creating and translating research into practice. Improving mental wellbeing is one of VicHealth's strategic imperatives. By 2023 VicHealth plans to have 1 million more Victorians with better health and wellbeing, including 200,000 more people resilient and connected. In partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), using foresight methodology, research was undertaken to identify the top five megatrends impacting young people's mental wellbeing over the next 10-20 years. What we discovered was a future of rapidly changing technological, demographic, social, economic and cultural trends. This innovative exercise created a unique opportunity to consider differently how we might build young peoples' resilience, social connection and wellbeing, in order to to withstand and bounce back from the stresses of these changes. This ground breaking research then informed the development of a community based program, which saw communities co-designing with young people, solutions to address these future issues.

Irene Verins

VicHealth: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation