Community participation in preventing teenage pregnancy in Tshwane, South Africa.

Introduction teenage pregnancy is a global public health problem requiring joint efforts from all involved in promoting health. In Tshwane, schools were urged by communities to participate actively in addressing the problem. Purpose and objectives The main purpose of the study was to describe community engagement in prevention of teenage pregnancy. Research Methods For the purpose of this paper focus group discussions were held with school teachers from the area, teenagers and community leaders. Data was collected till saturation was reached. Trustworthiness of the study was ensured and ethical considerations were adhered to throughout the study. Content analysis was used to analyse data qualitatively. Findings The findings revealed some similarities and differences from the participants regarding teenage pregnancy prevention. School teachers highlighted their different views and roles; differed from teenagers and communities regarding cultural perspectives of teenage pregnancy and all groups agreed that sexuality education should be the responsibility of families, communities including schools. Key messages Teenage pregnancy, roles of participants in preventing teenage pregnancy behavioural change.

Todd Maja