Considering Gambling Involvement in the Understanding of Problem Gambling: A large Cross-sectional Study of an Australian Population

Instead of regarding a particular type of gambling as an isolated factor for gambling problems, this presentation suggests that gambling involvement should also be considered. Gambling involvement refers to the intensity of gambling and can be measured by the number of different types of gambling participated in (e.g gambling machines, table games, sports betting etc) and the total amount of time spent on all types of gambling. Secondary data analysis using the Victorian Gambling Study found that the strength of association between gambling problems and a particular type of gambling reduced after adjusting for gambling involvement. This presentation will report the results of the secondary data analysis and highlight the role of gambling involvement in the understanding of gambling problems. The presentation also provides insights into the measures of gambling involvement and provides sophisticated statistical modeling to analyse problem gambling. Keywords Gambling; Risk factors; Epidemiology; Research methodologies and methods; Key Message 1. Gambling involvement is an important risk factor for gambling problems. 2. Any particular type of gambling should not be regarded as an isolated factor for problem gambling. 3. The statistical method applied should be consistent with the assumptions and understanding of the subject matter that underpin the analysis.

Kristal Yeung

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Kristal is a statistician at the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. She loves working with numbers.