Building Socially Inclusive Communities

The aim of our project is to build socially inclusive communities where everyone regardless of ability or diversity is included in their community. Understanding that when all people are included and welcomed in the place they live, this results in greater health outcomes for individuals and the community as a whole. Less pressure is place on the health and welfare sectors. Our project has taken a four pronged approach to working with all members of our community to educate, change minds, empower and make a difference in how they can influence how marginalised populations can be embraced. The project works with the following in the community (a) Businesses - through our Proud to be A Campaspe Murray Welcoming Business Program. (b) Community health and service organisations- through our Socially Inclusive Organisations program (c) Schools, community and individuals - through our One and All program, and (d) Local Aboriginal owners - thorough our Promoting Cultures program The overall project assists people through training, audits with recommendations on how to be more inclusive, key messaging through events and development of resources. Key messages 1 Embrace Diversity- Respect all 2 Inclusion of all people results in better outcomes for the community 3 By promoting culture we create understanding and build bridges Key words : Community Development. Engagement. Capacity Building. Partnerships. Indigenous Peoples. Poverty. Gender Equity. Equity. Inequity

Christine Walters

Campaspe Primary Care Partnership

Chris Walters is the current Social Inclusion Project Coordinator for Campaspe Primary Care Partnership. She has over 25 years experience working in the disability, local government and community service sector. Chris's qualifications include a Masters of Business (Executive), a Bachelor of Arts (Disability Studies) and a Graduate Diploma of Education in sports science.