Comparison Of Memory Score Between Type 2 Diabetics And Non-diabetics

Aim: This study was undertaken to compare the memory profile of 30-55 years old men with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with age matched controls. Methods: It included 100 cases and 100 controls. Memory score was calculated for all patients in both the groups using Post Graduate Institute Memory Scale (PGIMS). Comparison between case and control group was analyzed using student t test for the quantitative data. Simple Linear Regression Analysis was performed with the outcome variable and HbA1c level as predictor variables to enable us to assess the impact of sugar control on memory scoring. Results: Average PGIMS score in diabetic group was 80.76±8.75 and it was 87.68±7.39 in control group with a p value of 0.04. When HbA1c was compared with PGIMS score, correlation coefficient was -0.253 suggesting trend of higher HbA1c had poor memory scoring. Key Words: Mental health; Non Communicable/ chronic disease, risk factors Key Messages 1. Diabetes acts a risk factor for cognitive decline. 2. Poor control of diabetes may worsen cognitive function. 3. Detailed Cognitive evaluation to be consider in diabetics.

Jayakumar Jeganathan

Kasturba Medical college-Mangalore (Manipal University) India