Inter generational Living Arrangements and Health Status of the Elderly among Tribal's Community in Rural Northern India

An attempt has been made in this paper to discuss the association between Inter generational living arrangements and health status of the elderly among Tribal’s community. For this, a sample consisting of 385 elderly tribal people aged 60 years and above has been taken by applying multistage random sampling technique from the different parts of tribes dominated rural eastern Uttar Pradesh, a northern and most populous state of India. Chi-square test and multivariate logistic regression analysis have been carried out. The living arrangements indicators include household size, headship, relationship to head, co-residence with spouse, children, and others etc incorporated to examine the association and effect on the self rated health status, type of morbidity and treatment involved with the elderly, overall well-being etc. The findings confirm that the household size and elderly living with the spouse found to be statistically relevant predictors for the health status after adjusting the age and socio-economic status. The elderly living with big household size having bad health and most of the elderly who were living with spouse only, enjoying good health status. About two-third of the elderly residing in joint family system were dissatisfied about their over-all well-being. More than half of elderly people were found suffering with at least one major disease and this proportion was even bigger, about two-third, where the household head was female. Key words: Ageing, Tribes, Living arrangements, Health Key Messages: 1. Inter generational living arrangements significantly associated with elderly's health status among tribes. 2. Since majority elderly in tribes live under poverty line, so having small family size keep themselves accessible to private medical institutions and practitioners. 3. The health of the elderly in female headed households were found worse compare to male headed households.

Alok Kumar