Five Senses in Action (Reminiscence Theory Unpacked)

"Introduction Since 2011, Multicultural Aged Care Inc. (MAC) has conducted workshops that provide a combination of theoretical framework and culturally appropriate activities vital in upholding the quality of life of residents from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds living in aged care facilities. The CiA (Culture in Ageing) workshops aim to: • add cultural significance to service delivery • support service providers to develop better understanding of care recipients from CALD backgrounds • equip service providers with the tools to encourage greater participation amongst CALD residents. Methods Addressing cultural diversity in leisure and recreational activities is essential to maintaining the quality of life for care recipients. Results During the years, MAC has developed a series of five targeted packages discussing CALD perspectives of smell, taste, sound, touch and sight and offering sets of activities and scenarios to be included in recipients’ care plans. The framework is based both on the theory of reminiscence, and cultural understandings and interpretations. Conclusion Collated feedback indicates that service providers have gained knowledge and understanding of culturally appropriate care for CALD older people. They gained access to appropriate and relevant resources through the MAC nationally recognised library, which broadened and enhanced their personal awareness of various cultures. It resulted in increased provision of range of culturally appropriate care components that are reflective of, and responsive to, consumer individual needs and understandings of active ageing, quality of life and wellbeing. "

Vicki Kanakaris

Multicultural Aged Care

Vicki Kanakaris
Multicultural Learning and Development (MLD) Coordinator
Co-design Consumer Support Coordinator
Vicki has a background in events coordination, training and assessment; cultural competency delivery approaches and CALD community groups’ capacity building. For over seven years she has been coordinating projects in the aged and community care sector, and has produced two Commonwealth government endorsed resources as part of her project work. She has extensive experience in integrating CALD perspectives in priority foci of the age care sector and in delivering leading edge presentations in SA both metro and regional, interstate and at International Conferences. Vicki is an accredited Cultural Detective Facilitator. Has presented papers at numerous conferences - nationally and internationally, Unis SA, forums, workshops, training sessions.