Local and Health Resources: Tools for Decision Support and Planning from a Meta-analysis

"Local intersectoral action is one of the most recognized strategies to mitigate health inequalities. Numerous models of local health production suggest that access to local resources (food, housing, transportation, economy, education, urban planning, community life) in neighborhoods is crucial to improve the health status of the population. Several actors of local action are engaged to improve these local resources, which are considered to be important social determinants of health. But, what is the scientific evidence of the existence of a relationships between these local resources and health? To answer this question, an umbrella review of literature reviews synthesizing associations between local resources in each of these seven fields and the physical and mental health status of the population is in progress. Results from the first domain, food environment, will be presented in the form of tools for managers and stakeholders in social development planning: 1) a visual synthesis of international scientific evidence establishing the relationship between resources and health; 2) a visual synthesis where the previous framework l is adjusted, after a participative process of deliberation with our partners. Key words : local resources; food environment; meta-analysis; decision support. Key messages : 1. The importance of taking account of the interactions between these domains in terms of access to different resources to demonstrate scientific evidence of the existence of a relationships between these local resources and health. 2. These meta-analysis results involved a redefinition of every field of action. 3. A participative process of deliberation with partners is essential to create adequate decision support tools. "

Louise Potvin

University of Montreal