Our3021 Co-managed Place-making

"WHAT Our3021 aims to improve the health, wellbeing and social connectedness of communities in the west. This is a four year project (2013-17) involving a co-managed partnership model between HealthWest Partnership, ISIS Primary Care, cohealth and Brimbank City Council. HOW Our3021 supports those living in the Brimbank area, Melbournes western suburbs, who want to create a project within their community. Our3021 takes a strengths-based approach by supporting community to turn their ideas into actions. The project engaged with community members who self-identified as leaders. These leaders went on to develop small-scale projects with the support of Our3021 staff, including: training, project planning assistance, partnership opportunities and a small amount of seed funding. EVALUATION The Our3021 project was externally evaluated. With a mixture of interviews, journal entries and focus groups to assess the communitys engagement and the impacts of Our3021 in the community. The resulting thematic analysis helped show the effectiveness of the projects partnership model and the impacts on health and wellbeing of individuals involved in the project. The key themes from these evaluations included: direct impacts on community participants, strengths and challenges of the partnership model, strength of community participation, and emerging evidence of empowerment for health and wellbeing. RESULTS • 500 community members engaged over the course of 2013-2016 • 28 project proposals received from individuals and groups from various demographics • 6 community catch-ups held between 2014-2016 • 24 community initiated, planned and run projects delivered Keywords: Community development/engagement, capacity building, partnerships, behaviour change, health promotion, health-related behaviours Key Messages 1. A co-managed partnership model allows for great reach and impact for the resources available. 2. A strength- based approach enables communities to turn they own ideas into actions. 3. Our3021 enabled individuals to recognise their potential and create stronger empowered communities in Melbournes west. "

Helen Scudamore

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Helen Scudamore currently works at HealthWest Partnership, a Primary Care Partnership. She has a Masters of Public Health and a Bachelors of Health Science. She has previously worked in local government, community health and for various NGOs. With a passion for social inclusion and improving the strength of a community.