Collective Assistance and Public Health Professional Education: Possibilities For Primary Health Care

In Brazil, the notion of collective assistance for Primary Health Care (PHC) focuses on group activities to approach chronic diseases. This choice has been guided by the concept that people learn better and more when they exchange similar life experiences in a context attended by health professionals. Integrating subjects with similar needs, health professionals may assist community demands while adding effectiveness to their assistance. According to this perspective, the references of Public Health Professional Education (PHPE) articulating labour and education worlds – have become an important pedagogical practice which is linked with health assistance processes implemented by Brazilian National Health System (SUS). Sustained by such pillars as health care, teaching, community control and management, PHPE may be performed in different ways and collective assistance promotes a singular opportunity for this project – with profits for citizens and professionals since they may give new meaning or change the existing meaning to life experiences. This presentation intends to discuss collective assistance as a simultaneous strategy for health care practices and PHPE for PHC workers in health centers in Porto Alegre, city in Brazilian southern. Data produced by participant observation during collective assistance were analyzed; through registrations from field work, it is postulated that dialogues and interactions among both kind of practices show the potentialities in approaching and interlacing this knowledge. KEYWORDS: continuing health education; non-communicable diseases; primary health care. KEY MESSAGES 1. People learn better and more when they exchange life experiences 2. Articulating labour and education worlds is a fundamental pedagogical practice for health promotion 3.Collective assistance can be simultaneously a powerful strategy for Primary Health Care and continuing health education.

Circe Jandrey

Brasil - Ministério da Saúde-Grupo Hospitalar Conceição - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

I am a Primary Health Care Professional in Brazil, at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and at the Grupo Hospitalar Conceição. My teamwork current interests are in the following areas: Primary Health Care Assistance; Interprofessional Education; and Cultural Studies concerning Gender and Public Health.