Public Health cadre development, using competency based approach in the State Health system, Odisha, India

Aim To create a trained and effective public health workforce and a cadre for the State Health System of Odisha. Objective -To conduct a needs assessment of the public health functions currently being delivered at different levels. -To provide recommendations on setting up the cadre and capacity building in the State -To identify and deliver training to mitigate the perceived gaps. -To develop competency framework for the public health cadre Methods We performed semi-structured interviews with 27 and 29 responders in two States, working at various levels within the State Health system. We recorded the principal clinical and public health functions being performed at each level and identified any training provided and training gaps at each level. Results At District Level public health functions were aimed at a higher level of responsibility relating to leadership and strategy, coordinating activity across their district and provide expert advice and support. Clinical functions dominated the roles of medical officers (MOs), not in-charge at PHC (Primary health centre) and CHC (Community health centre). For MOs in-charge at CHC and the block level, there was an increasing dominance of public health issues. Key training needs identified related to: Leadership training, Train the trainer, Financial management , Staff management, Resource management, Partnership working and Public Health Report writing and dissemination. Conclusions Training gaps were identified across all public health functions being performed at each operational level. This highlights the need for a formal appropriately trained public health cadre, and a set of integrated public health competencies with clear job descriptions for such a cadre, to be given to the State Government officers. Key Messages 1. Public Health cadre development is a new concept that is being adopted in Odisha State to address health problems 2. Transferable competency-based approach to training is being used for the first time in India 3. The study also provides job descriptions for each level of worker amongst the cadre

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